You’re Doing It Wrong.

Italian Ice YUM!

This is a collection of things you are most likely doing wrong and my help to you on how you can do it better. Enjoy.

Italian Ice’s are one of the best frozen Popsicle’s on the planet. You go to the store, buy a pack and bring them home. If you’re like me you buy the good shit. You buy Wyler’s Italian Ices. Not that Polar Icee garbage. You are eager to get them in the freezer because you can’t wait for that cold, yummy, goodness, BUT WAIT!

Before you just put the entire box into the freezer or even just a handful pack of them, do it right. Put them in vertically. Like this:

Vertical Italian Icees
Vertical Italian Icees

Why you ask? Simple:

  • 1. When you snip them open at the top you don’t waste any Ice.
  • 2. When you use scissors, no more sticky mess gets in the blades. Thus no cleaning required.

You’re welcome.

Feasting at Galindo’s

*nom nom* Chicken Fajitas

I’m a strong believer in quite a few things in my life and this post represents two (2) of those.

  1. Support small business.
  2. Eat great food.

Galindo’s is both of these and represent them very well. Here you see my wonderful feast from last night. Chicken fajita’s with all the fixings. I don’t know what Chef Erik Galindo marinates this chicken in, but it’s clearly bursting with flavor and will get you addicted at the first bite. The dish comes with plenty of fixings including shredded lettuce, creamy guacamole, zesty salsa, and creamy beans just to name a few. It’s all prepared fairly promptly and served piping hot. You get nachos while you wait with your choice of 3 salsa’s (mild, hot, and verde), but if you’re in the know you’ll ask for the green jalapeno sauce. It’s pretty amazing stuff.

If fajita’s aren’t your thing then I suggest the enchilada’s. I get all ground beef slathered in red sauce. YUM! They are known for their torta’s but I have ytet to try them, maybe during another visit.. if I can break away from this fajita crack!