Traction Balls for Brooke

A couple weeks ago I was at my friends garage and we installed new Traction balls into “Brooke”. She’s my 2008 Civic SI FA2 8th Gen Honda. She’s Fiji blue pearl and makes stock V8 drivers cry sometimes. These balls are awesome. Probably the single best investment I made in getting FWD traction on the car since my Turbo project was completed last year. Here’s a few shots for the curious.

Arms with existing bushings
Closeup of the bushing

These bushing were a pain to get out. We didn’t have a press available so we had to cut them out. It wasn’t pretty or salvageable but, we were able to get it done without and tertiary damage. We weren’t planning on ever using the old bushings again anyhow.

Traction ball in arm, reinstalled.
Traction ball closeup

I forgot to take pictures after we had them installed in the arms before we put them on the car but here is what they look like. Solid and beautiful.

Driving experience changed immensely. I was very impressed the amount of traction I gained in 2nd and 3rd (in 1st it doesn’t matter, I spin them all day long with the power I’m running.). Even with my street tires, I’m running a good set of Nitto’s, I’m not breaking loose as much as I was before and it feels great. You have a better sense of control and traction with these things installed. I recommend them for anyone making serious power in a FWD car. You won’t get more bang for your buck at around $300.

Project “Roxy”

When Honda introduced the new Type-R series in 2017 I had to have one. They don’t bring that name to the U.S. often, so when you have a chance to snatch up a beautiful piece of machinery such as this, you DO IT. Originally I planned on keeping her completely stock but as time passed I began to see the significant strides others were making with FBO’s (Full Bolt On’s) without molesting the car into oblivion. I decided it was my turn to throw myself into the fray of upgrading fun.

Bookmark this thread everyone, I think you’ll like what’s going to happen here!

Update 09/01/2019

New shoes for Roxy. This is the first modification that was a need (definitely not a want) for this lady. The OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) wheels are nice but, functionally just not feasible for everyday American roads, especially those found in Michigan! I wrapped them in Michelin Pilot Sport S tires at 255/35/ZR19 (96Y) inflated to 32lbs.

This change completed changed how the car felt and it was a vast improvement over the stock tire and wheel setup. More grip, more durability, more everything. Response was great, ride the best. No rubbing, no torque-steer.

Here are some pictures of the final product:

Some nice BBS’.

I choose BBS CH-R, 19″x9″ wheels with a +47 offset. They break up the black very nicely and give the car a much better look. Here are some additional angles for you to drool over.

Front Wheel Turn.
From the Back.
Straight Side.
Offset line look.
45 degree line look.
Straight down the side. Most like that flush look, but I prefer to play it safe and lessen my scuffing and rubbing chances. This is perfect.
Close up with turn.
Straight on.
Close up with full turn in the well. No issues. Love it.