You’re Doing It Wrong.

This is a collection of things you are most likely doing wrong and my help to you on how you can do it better. Enjoy.

Italian Ice’s are one of the best frozen Popsicle’s on the planet. You go to the store, buy a pack and bring them home. If you’re like me you buy the good shit. You buy Wyler’s Italian Ices. Not that Polar Icee garbage. You are eager to get them in the freezer because you can’t wait for that cold, yummy, goodness, BUT WAIT!

Before you just put the entire box into the freezer or even just a handful pack of them, do it right. Put them in vertically. Like this:

Vertical Italian Icees
Vertical Italian Icees

Why you ask? Simple:

  • 1. When you snip them open at the top you don’t waste any Ice.
  • 2. When you use scissors, no more sticky mess gets in the blades. Thus no cleaning required.

You’re welcome.

A Trip to Barnes and Noble.

Everywhere I go I always try to find subtle humor in everything around me. Book stores always provide a constant source of small entertainment. During this quest I found the following.

Religion and True Crime.

the “Bibles” and “Top 10 Christian Picks” sections are located directly across from “True Crime”. Coincidence!?! You be the judge.

The Power (Hoe?).

Is it “The Power” or “The Power Hoe”. So many ways to construe this book title based on it’s chosen font and coloring choice. Don’t even get me started on the Author…. Naomi. So that backwards is “I moan” and given that’s a female name.. well you’re welcome. LOL.

Tire Dolly’s are the Best.

I recently purchased some tire dolly’s to help move around stacks of tires I keep in the garage. I used to keep them on a shelf and it’s a pain in the ass moving them up and down every season. These babies are a great and inexpensive way to easily move a stack of tires around.

How it arrived

This is a top view of the Dolly (after unpackaging). The casters and equipment are stored nicely in the center.

Using a 1/2 (.5) inch socket wrench I mounted the casters to the dolly and I was off and running. For those that aren’t sure how far to tighten these, I found that hand tightening at first then wrench tightening to medium tension, then a final 3/4 (.75) turn was sufficient.

You can get these almost anywhere here are a few links to get you started:

AmazonHome DepotGoogle

Traction Balls for Brooke

A couple weeks ago I was at my friends garage and we installed new Traction balls into “Brooke”. She’s my 2008 Civic SI FA2 8th Gen Honda. She’s Fiji blue pearl and makes stock V8 drivers cry sometimes. These balls are awesome. Probably the single best investment I made in getting FWD traction on the car since my Turbo project was completed last year. Here’s a few shots for the curious.

Arms with existing bushings
Closeup of the bushing

These bushing were a pain to get out. We didn’t have a press available so we had to cut them out. It wasn’t pretty or salvageable but, we were able to get it done without and tertiary damage. We weren’t planning on ever using the old bushings again anyhow.

Traction ball in arm, reinstalled.
Traction ball closeup

I forgot to take pictures after we had them installed in the arms before we put them on the car but here is what they look like. Solid and beautiful.

Driving experience changed immensely. I was very impressed the amount of traction I gained in 2nd and 3rd (in 1st it doesn’t matter, I spin them all day long with the power I’m running.). Even with my street tires, I’m running a good set of Nitto’s, I’m not breaking loose as much as I was before and it feels great. You have a better sense of control and traction with these things installed. I recommend them for anyone making serious power in a FWD car. You won’t get more bang for your buck at around $300.